Why did I name this zero thinking?? Zero is equivalent to nothing. Out of nothing comes creation. Out of darkness comes light. Out of emptiness comes fulfillment. It’s hard to fill a cup that’s already full; it must be emptied first. The same goes with our mind. Our mind must become nothing. Our ego must become nothing. When doing this, we can learn things that our greater than the limitations of our own thinking. We can possess a consciousness that goes beyond culture, beyond tradition and secular belief. There’s things that finite words or thoughts cannot reveal to us. Some things are unveiled  in a still moment of just being.

What is this blog about??  It could be on things that I find interesting. It could be what I’ve been meditating on. It could vary from natural hygiene to a Bible study to geopolitics or be about a personal experience or observation. Overall this blog will be about life. Some of it will be reality, another part will be imagined and the rest will be just thoughts and words.

Who am I?? I’m a middle-aged Christian male living in the mid-western part of the United States. The most appropriate thing to call me is a human being. Nothing more. Nothing less.