Why do we get impatient?? There’s a reason why we get impatient. I think part of the reason is because we do not want to dwell in that moment. It could be something small that makes us impatient or something big. The ego likes to be in control. When it’s not in control it is fearful. It does not want to dwell in the present. It thinks about the future or the past and will do things to avoid the present. It wants to be distracted. Ask yourself when your facing a situation, whatever it is. Why am I getting impatient. Is it because I have no control and that I am afraid. That fear can work on subtle levels where its hard to recognize and distinct levels where its easy to recognize. Dwell with that fear. Dwell with that impatience. Smother your ego’s desire to be in control. Just dwell with it. We will all be experience things that make us impatient. When we do, we do not submit to it. We deny it and choose to dwell in the present. Don’t be attached to your ego. Don’t be attached to the fear. Let go of it. It’s in that moment detaching ourselves from impatience we attach ourselves to patience. It’s a practice. We have to learn to be consistent. If you can’t be consistent in the practice, you won’t succeed in patience. The truth is we’re all practicing something. I can be consistent in impatience. I don’t have to be disciplined in things that favor my base instincts as a human being. How strong of a human being does it take to embrace those base instincts?? It’s the man that exercises discipline and denies those base instincts that is strong. Be mindful. Be disciplined. Be patient. Does not the state of being itself teach us that it exists in the present?? When we can’t learn to dwell in the present, we can’t learn to be fully alive. Impatience is hindering us to be fully alive.