My practice of minimalism has been evolving. I’m donating my leather wallet and leather belt to Goodwill. Part of the reason I’m doing this is because I’m vegan also. I’ll try to explain my reasoning. For the vegan aspect, I don’t like the inhumane way industrialized and factory farms “raise” the animals, it’s unnatural. I wouldn’t even call it “raising”, it’s more like abusing and assaulting. I have no problems against free range farming when its concerning the animals. In my eyes this is a natural and humane way to raise animals or hunting animals for food out of necessity and not of sport; I don’t see this as unnatural or inhumane. I’m sure there’s vegans out there that disagree with this view, that their view is that killing of any animals is unnatural and inhumane. Where am I going with this?? Back to why I’m uncomfortable possessing leather products or objects. My conviction is that leather is a luxury, just like eating meat and dairy is a luxury. Luxuries lead to greed and lust. I had this conviction even before when I went vegan 4 years ago. I used to own an Audi A4 car. A few months driving it and I just felt guilty and uncomfortable about it. There was nothing practical driving a luxury vehicle. Our egos and pride like luxuries because it’s proclaiming a social status in society. The more luxury we indulge in, the less satisfied we are and the more desensitized we become. Instead of being empathetic, I keep devolving into more and more apathy. No feeling, no conscious, I become dead inside yet am still alive. That isn’t being human, that’s becoming more and more inhumane. Why can human beings carry out such atrocious acts against humanity, the environment, animals and against life itself!! I’ll tell you why. No conscious. No empathy. No reverence. How can we get these things back. Stop indulging or participating in things that take them away. That’s why I’m donating my leather wallet and leather belt to Goodwill. My convictions about luxury are compelling me to do this. I even feel convicted about eating sophisticated meals and expensive dining. It doesn’t matter whether the menu is vegan or not, it’s the principle of not living luxuriously and living simple. What would happen to the United States and the rest of the world if everyone just started living more simply and not lusting after things we don’t need. Would the U.S. be in such great debt?? Would the U.S. be so overly obese?? Would we be suffering from heart attacks, cancer and diabetes?? Would there be less people overdosing on prescription and illegal drugs because more people would be satisfied with their lives. One of the results of living simply is feeling more satisfied. Luxury just creates an illusion that my lifestyle is more elevated than your lifestyle which means that I’m better than you and you’re not as good as me. That’s why there’s racism and prejudice. That’s why Americans can eat meat and dairy and live a luxurious lifestyle and not care about the harm and damage their lifestyle is causing for poor impoverished souls overseas that are starving and in famine and ravaged by disease because of the effects of animal agriculture and luxurious living. It’s why people don’t care that their lifestyle is polluting the earth and the oceans and causing deforestation because their little world is more “sacred” than all of Creation. Creation is supposed to be more sacred. People would truly respect themselves and those around them and the earth as sacred if they had a reverence for life and not be so concerned about their own!! All I ask is when you’re done reading this, examine your lifestyle. Maybe you could give up a few things or stop doing or buying certain things or stop and start thinking a certain way. It may take weeks, months and years but it gets better and easier the longer you live consciously. Humanity and life in the future will thank you.