Perfection says I need to be perfect. Excellence says I need to improve. Excellence can devolve into perfection; that is why there must be a balance. I can make the effort to improve each day, but then I can hit a roadblock that improving each day isn’t enough. Even though I fulfill to improve in an area that day, whether it be big or small; it isn’t enough. Yes, things can always be better but perfection will rob that sense of fulfillment of telling you, “yeah, you did improve, but you could have done a little more or it could be just a little better.” If you give something everything you’ve got, and you’ve successfully improved that day; you are excelling. That is excellence. Perfection will say it isn’t good enough even when you are excelling. I’m not saying settle for less, we have to settle to improve. I think “settling” for perfection is a lesser way. You won’t go as far trying to be perfect. Perfection is unsustainable, while improvement is sustainable. I think perfection is rooted in pride and ego. Everything must be perfect and just right. The truth is it never will be. There are brief moments we experience moments that things are going well but those moments don’t last. When they do happen, soak it in because it won’t be like that forever. The ups and downs cultivate in us gratitude. Perfection, pride and ego will rob you of your gratitude. When things are down, that moment will pass and I can cultivate the gratefulness of appreciating that moment of not being down. Who is stronger?? The person who adapts and learns to operate in an imperfect situation or the person who refuses to operate unless the situation is exactly how they want it and refuses to learn because they “know” everything. Life will never be perfect. My friends, family, myself and every human being on this planet won’t be perfect. Perfection shuns grace, compassion and mercy. If I’m “perfect”, do I need to have grace, compassion and mercy?? Perfection doesn’t need these things, but excellence requires them. Perfection, pride and ego picks and chooses who it thinks is worthy of love. Perfection can also tell you that you are not worthy of love because you aren’t good enough. Excellence can only be achieved through humility. Don’t try to be perfect, try to be a better you each day. If we all do this, the world will become a better place each day.