How much more important it is to be than it is to know?? Knowledge is information. What about the application of that information?? I can know lots of things without the application of that knowledge. What is a doctor?? Is he a doctor because of his master’s degree?? If he does not have any work experience he cannot become licensed as a medical professional. Lots of people like to claim to be certain things. I can claim to be a philosopher, poet, architect, Christian, Buddhist; if I am not practicing what I claim to be, my experience of practice will not produce what it is that I claim to be. Another perspective is how secure am I in my identity in what I am if I have to claim to be something?? I think the reason people like to pretend to be certain things is the recognition or status that comes with an identity. It’s like owning a status without paying any cost. It’s a slippery slope to be self-important in one’s own eyes. What is being important?? Is it wealth, power, influence?? What is true wealth, power and influence on this Earth?? I can acquire “wealth, power and influence” one day and have “it” stripped away the next. Living by values, by principles and integrity is more important than the amount of money in a private bank account on the Cayman Islands. Am I calling money evil?? Money isn’t evil. There’s a scripture in the Bible that states the love of money is the root of all evil. Where does that root take place?? It’s in the heart. A person’s character determines if the root of all evil will take hold in their heart. Money simply magnifies the character who is in possession of it. Those with good character are not controlled by it and those with bad character are controlled by it. Bad character needs a mask to cover its face of corruption. Good character doesn’t need to cover its face because it is exactly what it is on the surface. There are no forms of trickery or deception when it comes to good character. We all have the potential to become corrupted. Even if I am a doctor and have a license I am not to abuse others with my practice, my profession is to serve others and to help heal people. What are human beings supposed to do?? What is our practice?? We are not to be lovers of our own selves, we are to be lovers of our neighbors. Mankind is our neighbor. Do I not having any feeling or empathy when humanity is cut, bleeding and dying?? If I don’t, it’s because I have become indifferent to selfless love and familiar with only loving myself and love only those I think that are worthy of love. Unconditional love is the highest practice. Have I attained it?? There are brief moments I get to experience it. I do know this, the more I am focused on myself; the lesser I get to experience unconditional love. I do not want to be deceived in believing I’m self-important. Pride is the gateway to all vices. Humility is the gateway to all virtues. Do not claim to be something. What it is that we practice will reveal what it is we really are.