What we think, we become. What affects our thoughts?? The thoughts we think affect our mind. Positive thinking affects our being. The same goes with negative thinking. Love, anger, bitterness, compassion. These things affect our being. These metaphysical things affect our physical being. Does it also work the other way around. Could human biology affect our consciousness?? What we eat, we become also. The principle is that what we consume, we become. Do you know someone that needs coffee first thing in the morning to function?? They are not the same without that coffee. It affects their mood, how they feel, act and talk. Do you know someone that uses food as medication?? What I mean is they use food to suppress feelings and emotions. It could be junk food, comfort food, desserts, cheese, ice cream, etc. That feeling and emotion they’re suppressing may go away temporarily but before long its there again. They could play this cycle out for days, months, years and be a victim to it. Food affects their well-being or not so well-being. Our brains produce certain chemicals when consuming certain foods. Unhealthy foods create unhealthy habits, feelings and thoughts. If you don’t believe me, try eating McDonalds for a month. Food affects how we feel and how we feel affects our thinking. Our thinking affects our consciousness. Someone who is medicated on painkillers is going to have a different awareness than someone who isn’t on them. What I am proposing is to eat and live more healthy. It could be cutting out drinking soda and dairy, eating less salt, eating less or no meat. Eating more cooked vegetables and drinking just water. Your consciousness will determine where that line is drawn. It’s a progressive way of living. The more progress, the more our consciousness evolves. Living healthy could also mean just living more consciously. Are you trying to live a life that has less of a carbon footprint?? Are you trying to be more present for your family and friends or practicing to be more grateful and compassionate. Experiment with it and see where it goes. It could lead you into a life that is more fulfilling and into a greater purpose.