When we harm the earth, we are harming ourselves. Have we become so blinded by greed, pride, selfishness and ego?? We were once so in tune with the natural intuition of ourselves and the earth. Now we are disconnected. Disconnected by smart phones, computers, movies, processed food, etc. Do oil and mining companies even care about the harm caused to the land?? They do not want to be held accountable or responsible for any damage done. In its mind if making a profit means doing the wrong thing then so be it. If it can make more money hurting others while being sued then so be it. A machine doesn’t have feeling or convictions, it carries out its purpose. A purpose of a corporation is to get ahead today and tomorrow. What is mankind’s purpose?? What is our natural design?? We were not made to kill each other, hate and backstab one other. Maybe the reason we see this is because were not fulfilling our purpose as human beings. It’s because we’re so disconnected. It’s because we do not respect ourselves and do not respect Creation. We are as dust. The earth is of ashes. We are part of the same being. I should care about other human beings. I need to care about the animals and the environment. All our well-being is connected to each other. All life is interconnected. Am I so numb that I only care about myself?? Am I so dead that it doesn’t bother me seeing all the injustice being done to mankind and this Earth?? Maybe I need to stop being so entertained and distracted. Maybe I need stop giving in to my base desires and transcend them into a higher consciousness. That higher consciousness is our natural consciousness. When we evolve more and are more aware and live more consciously, we are merely evolving into our natural being. The problem is we’ve devolved. If technology, progress and the modernization of society causes us to be disconnected in fulfilling our purpose as human beings, I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. These things have the potential in causing us to be lazy, passive, irresponsible, weak, immature, and so on. Is the convenient way really the convenient way?? Maybe in the short term. Commitment is inconvenient. Discipline is inconvenient. Saying no and sacrifice is inconvenient but in the long term it makes a difference. How is my lifestyle affecting this world?? How does it affect those around me?? How does it affect the earth, the environment and all living things?? Mankind is on this earth for a reason and all Creation has a reason. Maybe that reason is because we need each other to exist. If we do not learn to co-exist and co-habitate life in our world will not be able to sustain itself. Sustainability and the fruitfulness of life is a part of life’s purpose. We see this in nature. We need to live consciously. We need to be in tune with our natural intuition as human beings. We need to have a reverence for life. I do not want to become like a machine, like a corporation that has no heart, no soul nor does not care. I’m not against capitalism, I’m not for socialism. The reason why corporations and people need to be held accountable and held responsible for their actions is because they are prone to operate without a conscious and without a reverence for life. That’s the issue. Ask yourself am I being awakened to my natural consciousness or am I falling asleep to it?? Am i giving in to my base desires which are dulling my ability to sense and feel?? Don’t wait for tomorrow. Start right now. Start today in becoming awakened. There is no end to being awakened, it is a life pursuit. We all have our limits but it’s no excuse in not making an effort in moving forward.