Pollution is quite the problem these days. The ocean, the air, the land; wherever there are human beings the planet is being polluted. The pollution that we are seeing is a result of what us human beings are consuming. What we are consuming determines if there will be pollution or what kind of pollution there’ll be. Our consumption affects the livelihood of everything else and the quality of life on this planet. Do we not care for the quality of life for the next generation of human beings?? Do we not care for the quality of life of this planet and living things?? Humanity has lost a respect for life. We have lost a respect for ourselves, of our minds, hearts and own being. The oceans continue to be polluted with oils, plastics and other toxic substances. This has to stop, we cannot continue living the way we are doing things. Contaminated animals APPEAR to look fine at first but they are not. Look what’s in their stomach. They’ve consumed oil, they’ve consumed plastics and poisons. We do the same with intangible things. We pollute are minds and spiritual being with toxic thoughts and poisonous attitudes. We think destructively and consume beliefs and views that aren’t healthy, sustainable, good for our lives and the planet. Our thinking, our way of life, convictions, love and fears is what molds us and molds our planet. Life on this planet is precious. Our lives are precious. This planet is sacred. Our human bodies and being is sacred. How we spend our money and what we spend it on has an effect on this world. What we eat and how that food was grown has an effect on this world. We can continue to be distracted and be entertained and keep avoiding the problem that is facing us and affecting everyone’s future. Industrialized farming uses up so much natural resources and pollutes this earth, never mind the inhumane and unnatural practices used to grow plants or raise animal and the continuous pollution it forces on the land and community surrounding it. The world is interconnected. All life is interconnected. Nature when it is functioning as it should be functioning is thriving, multiplying and filled with abundance. This is what the goal of humanity should be. That all humans and all life can coexist and thrive and the planet can thrive as well. Don’t look at the colossal statistics of how this planet is being polluted or how humanity is failing in certain areas and be overwhelmed in not doing anything. Take small steps in your own small little world. Recycle all the plastic in your household, use chemical-free cleaners, use appliances that are energy efficient, try eating less meat or eat food that was grown or raised locally and shop at farmers markets. We can all do something in making a difference. If we can all succeed in little areas of our community, our community will change. We need to be mindful of each other, of this planet, of how our life affects life and the being of life itself. Try thinking more positively, deny more negative thoughts. None of us are perfect, but we can make a difference working collectively. The only way to get rid of the pollution problem is to get rid of the problem that is polluting our minds and consuming our being.