How many people, how many nations, how many races have believed they were doing “good” yet were causing great harm to humanity?? This thought is a sobering reality check. Look at the Nazis. They thought they were doing humanity a favor by wiping out millions of Jews. The Catholic church killed millions of “heretics” during the Inquisition and thought they were doing good. How many “infidels” have been killed by Muslims merely because they were “infidels”?? How many communists in China and Russia truly believed in the cause of communism and overlook the fact of millions of lives dying because of the advancement of communism. The last example I’ll give is the United Sates believing they’re liberating countries by invading foreign countries and waging war with them and many innocent lives are killed in the process. How much “good” do I have to do to have the epiphany to realize I’m not doing good. The examples I gave have quite an impact on humanity and this world. Where did it all start?? I’m guilty just as every other human being is guilty of believing how we live are lives is “right.” Who defines what is right?? Men are prone of justifying doing wrong by doing right. It’s such a slippery slope. It can be so dogmatic and so deceiving. I can draw the line somewhere and the next decade the line has moved. Look at humanity throughout history. The line of legalism and ethics wavers. What’s the answer?? How can one find the answer if one doesn’t have a question at first?? This is what I believe. I have to believe in something that didn’t originate in the heart or mind of a human being. Man’s ideas and beliefs fade, it’s like the withering grass. There are principles and moralities that have never experienced the four seasons. They have always existed and always abide in eternity. These things are so simple. That’s the thing that’s so elusive. It can elude philosophers, theologians, scientists and mystics. We like to be amazed by outrageous theories and concepts. They can be so brilliant and also so deceiving by their complexity. That complexity is just a reflection of how complicated we human beings have become in our own minds and being. I’m not saying the universe isn’t complex or that nature or life isn’t complex. It is complex, but the origin and foundation of it all is simple in its being and structure. It’s amazing how complex everything is yet so simply uniform. The whole universe and nature works together in synchronicity and unity. There are laws that govern us and all things. These are the things I’m referring to that have always existed. Man can have a revelation of these laws but how often it is that we are deceived by changing those laws by just a little. Just by changing it a little changes everything. Just writing this has made me question and meditate on my own life. That’s the reason I’ve written this. If it’s made you do the same then I’ve accomplished something. Hopefully we can evolve into something that’s more primitive and simple.